How to spot noobs

Noobs will think

•Killing themselves is better then getting killed

•Rely on hacks

•Destroy good defense and replace it with bad defense

•Just attack at the start of the game with nothing

•Bring the whole team down

•Believe in stupid stuff

•Are trash

•Have practically no wins/kills compared to their losses/deaths

•Think dying is fun

•Make stupid jokes

•Spend money on sucky weapons

•Fall off bridges

•Make no effort to get better

•Try to fight pros

•Easily lured into death traps with treasure

•Camp out

•Hide and get no kills

•Suck at spelling

•Resort to swaring like crazy when they rage


•Troll their own team

•Think they’ll get kills by using bad strategies

•Jump into enemy territory and try to get kills

•Don’t look for enemies that can kill them

•Don’t look for people to kill

•Hang out with other noobs

•Think they’re pros

•Don’t use acronyms

•Think spelling bad is funny

•Say “get rekt” excessively while getting rekt

•Are at or over half these things

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